Inspiration: "in" to create inclusion...."spir" Latin word "spiritus" means "breath" breath life into something, fill it with spirit. We cannot see inspiration, but like air it is there surrounding us.

Thursday, October 13, 2011



Chamaca Arts has a new home...

Join us while we ride this journey of empowerment and celebration of the Divine Feminine. We have created a new space, a new communication network just for Women and Girls. A new face with the same heart and spirit we have always carried with us. Log into and read our blog and leave a comment, visit the services we provide and bring us to your school, community center or home. Sign our guest book and join our mailing list to be inspired and supported. At Chamaca Arts we say FAREWELL to SILENCE and HELLO to VOICE... we want to hear from YOU!!!

We encourage and are thankful to each and everyone that will share this site and information. Remember the website and new home is we can be emailed at

Lots of things happening in the world of the Chamaca lets hear what you have to say!

Chamaca Arts WILL keep this blog and update so stay tuned and share with your friends and family.

Love and light, Founder of Chamaca Arts... Mia Roman Hernandez

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