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Monday, March 14, 2011

From the country of Rising Sun - The 2011 Japan Earthquake and its Peoples VOICE

Mayo... Our Chamaca Chica from Japan has shared her voice with us straight from Japan. Her words call for help and give us an idea of what is immediately needed in Japan. It's always nice to have someone on the site giving a first-person account of the situation. Mayo gives us a short list of practical ways that we can help. I applaude her courage and thank her for giving us insight to something so devistating. Mayo... A Chamaca Chica Warrior!! Our prayers and blessings are with you and everyone in Japan.

A tsunami triggered by one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded in history slammed Japan's eastern coast killing hundreds of people as it swept away boats, cars and homes as widespread fires burned out of control. The 8.9 magnitude offshore quake unleashed a 23-foot tsunami and was followed by more than 50 aftershocks for hours, many of them of more than 6.0magnitude. The tsunami that crashed ashore swallowed everything in its path. Large fishing boats and other sea vessels rode high waves into the cities, slamming against overpasses or scraping under them. Being swallowed like toy boats and cars. Upturned and partially submerged vehicles were seen bobbing in the water. A seen out of a Hollywood movie, the difference is that this is no movie and hundreds have lost their lives with the death tolls climbing daily.

A letter from Mayo....
In Japan, it was very strong earthquake.
I and my family are safe, because we live far-off place from focus of the earthquake. But some my friends live devastated area, an acquaintance of mine; she can’t contact her family still now.
I would like to know you about be careful things of not devastated area people.

1. We must not send groundless rumor.
Sufferer, they have very strong fear, so nor sufferer, be careful not to send information frivolously. There are not only sure information, and not only information of goodwill. Do not disturb them!
Be careful it!

2. If you support sufferer, please use solid supporting organization.
If you send relief to earthquake victims by personally, you will disturb there. So please use solid supporting organization.
And when you would like to give blood to sufferer, please do planned behavior.

3. Menstruation
There are many women in devastated area, they hard to say “want sanitary napkin or tampon”. Please don’t lose of women!
Please give them sanitary napkin or tampon.

4. Please do long-term support.
Retrieval, it need many times.
Please do long-term support.
Thank you very much for many countries support my country, I am so glad at it.

I hope my friends will be safe, and my acquaintance can contact her family.
Sadly, there are many dead, I pray for the souls of the dead, and I hope the death toll will not increase from now.

In Japan, many countries support my country now, thank you very much!
My friends and acquaintance are safe and also their family safe.

I have to write additional thing.

In devastated area, situation of sufferer is getting bad by the minute.
There are many people, so there are many babies, but their diaper wanted,
Please don't lose sight of them!

Sites researched and recommended by Mayo to make a donation are as follows:

Thank you, thank you so much.


For those looking to help please take Mayo's advice and find a reputable institution to donate to. Thank you Mayo for your letter.

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