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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Discover your Sacred Feminine Goddess Spirit

Start discovering your Sacred Feminine Goddess Spirit… By Mia
With words by Sunyata Satchitananda

A Goddess is a deity. In some cultures Goddesses are associated with Earth, Motherhood, Love, and the household. In other cultures, Goddesses also rule over war, death, and destruction as well as healing.

Start discovering your Sacred Feminine Goddess Spirit. Have you longed to awaken your sacred self, to channel the Goddess energy within you, to create, to be still, to love, to recharge and re-discover your sacred feminine intuitive soul? Let’s start with re-energizing our spirits and connecting with our souls….

The Goddess is the archetype that provides transcendent healing, a re-connecting with source, and nurturing of divine essence. The Goddess is the dynamic, flowing energy of creation and evolution. She is the primordial first cause, originator, and progenitor -Creatrix. Her wisdom is unfathomable, intuitive, untraceable and ever-evolving. Representing the mystery of the unknown and unknowable she ignites Eros, inspiration and vital force that seeks new experience, new associations, new possibilities, new connection out of stagnation and old, non-serving technologies and processes. The Goddess connects one to a constantly shifting transcendent flow of possibility and newness. She inspires one’s soul to new heights of expression and connection with life in its magnitude and fullness.

The Goddess archetype is the transcendent, connected-to-all-that-is, aspect of self. SHE resonates transpersonal, harmonious love for everyone and all beings. The Goddess archetype is the domain of spirituality, mystical experience and intuition. Expressing this archetype in its fullness feels like this: You are with a woman who emanates dynamic energy, flowing, ever changing with boundless intuitive wisdom and creative energy. Her presence is inspiring and causes one to feel renewed with enlivened energy—stimulating and revitalizing. Her demeanor is spiritually balanced and emanates love to all in her sphere of life without distinction or prejudice.

She is a leader who is gracious and welcoming by being a shining example of higher possibility for love and compassion. While she is the originator of ideas and solutions she seeks collaboration and consensus in their outworking and manifestation. The woman in the state of fullness of the Goddess shows up as compassionate, welcoming, creative, non-judgmental, open, heart-centered, spiritually focused, supportive, inspirational, erotic and loving.

Have you channeled your Sacred Goddess yet? She is lurking in their somewhere waiting to be explored.

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